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For that special day or any other occasion, with the electronic LED destination equipment fitted to all of our coaches, with advance notice, we can personalise your coach

A little extra for that special day (Wedding, Birthday, etc)



With our coaches fitted with LED destination equipment, front, side and rear we are able to input wording, to our customers reasonable requests, this can be carried out from our premises, but we do need advance notice.  The front sign can hold two lines of scrolling text or single pages with text and LED images. The side can take scrolling message or single page text and the rear sign is square so cannot hold much text so we usually find an image or Initials.  If you are hiring one of our coaches for that special occasion, please contact us via telephone or the contact us button above.



Example of our rear window signage customised for a football match.

Example of our rear window signage customised for a school vehicle.